Best Washing Machine Brands in India: October 2020

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Are you looking for Best washing machine brands in India?

You’re in the right place. There are over 200 different types of washing machine models on the market. It makes it hard to choose the right washer. Each brand rolls its features, so it becomes difficult to eliminate some simple aspects.

  • How much water they will spend in the process.
  • How much electricity bills will come.
  • How well the washing machine will clean dirty clothes.

In this purchasing guide, we will try to cover all these questions and features of different types of washing machines and Simplify your shopping by comparing different types of washer styles. Also, we will compare the key features and techniques that come with modern models and Understand, which you should make better buying decisions.

Which Is Best Washing Machine Brands in India?

We have listed all the top brands in India with the latest features used in their models.

1. LG

LG Electronics is one of the most significant washing machine manufacturers with a reliable service network in India. For every budget range, they have a large number of innovative products. LG is one of the first brands to launch the latest features, such as direct-drive and inverter technology.

LG Technology

  • Smart Inverter Technology: Energy saving up to 36%.
  • 6 Motion Technology: Combines six different types of wash motion for efficient washing.
  • Direct drive: In This Technology, the motor directly connected to the drum, which increases strength and reducing noise. DD technology is also now available in premium top-load machines.
  • Jet Spray Technology: During the rinse cycle, they Use the jet spray to remove detergents.
  • Turbo Drum: In the top load washing machine, Drum rotates using dual direction.

2. Samsung

Samsung is a South Korean company with some of the most featured washing machines in India. Recently Samsung launched a washing machine with Quick Drive technology that halved the laundry time. The new washers come with Artificial Intelligence Assistant.

Samsung Technology

  • Mobile application: Using The Mobile app You can quickly check any errors of the washing machine which is available for iOS and Android Os.
  • Eco Bubble: This technique helps to activate the detergent using bubbles. It also helps to make detergents more efficient at lower water temperatures.
  • The soft edges of the diamond drum protect the fabric from the damage.
  • Wobble technology creates a multi-directional flow for tangle-free washing.
  • Eco Drum Clean Technology automatically informs for drum cleaning.

3. IFB

IFB is the Indian biggest brand of fully automatic washing machines. They have launched India’s first front load washer. It is also operating 250+ retail outlets under the name of IFB Point.

IFB Technology

  • Aqua Energy: An inbuilt device contains water which helps the detergent dissolve easily.
  • Ball valve technique: It helps to reduce wastage of detergent.
  • Air bubble wash: Air bubbles move inside the cloth to remove stubborn dirt.
  • Washing crib: for delicate clothing.
  • Water sprays are used in 3D wash systems to increase the quality of washing.
  • The auto-balance system detects unbalanced clothing and redistributes them for continuous washing.
  • Crescent Moon Drum: The unique grooves on the drum protect the fabric from damage by providing a water cushion.


Bosch is the top brand for front loading washing machines in India. A brand is also known for its superior German build quality.

Techniques used in Bosch washing machines

  • EcoSilent Drive technology reduces friction on the motor, which reduces power consumption and noise.
  • VarioDrum: Wave-droplet design of clothes is soft. It also helps to reduce your laundry, thus allowing it to more space around.
  • ActiveWater Plus: Using 256 load sensing levels, It is an optimization of water usage.


Whirlpool is one of the major home appliance brands in India. Front-load machines designed in Europe for better quality. company has a service network in more than 3500 cities and towns in India.

Latest Techniques which is used by Whirlpool Front Load washing machines

  • IntelliSense Inverter Motor: Helps reduce noise and vibration. The inverter motor is also reducing power consumption.
  • Sixth Sense Softmove Technology: Machines are capable of changing the speed of the drum according to the type of fabric. A variety of washes: Power shower for synthetics, energetic washes for cotton, colour baths, wave speeds, slow for fragility, soft cradles for wool.
  • SteamCare Technology: This technology uses steam to protect against wrinkles. This technique also helps to keep clothes free from bacteria and odour.

Latest Techniques which is used by Whirlpool Top Load washing machines

  • The catalytic soak mechanism helps to remove stubborn stains by soaking clothes in concentrated detergents.
  • 360 ​​Bloomwash Pro technique is capable of removing up to 40 varieties of stains.
  • Care Move Technology: This technique uses a hot concentrated shower for better wash quality
  • ZPF technology: Even at low-pressure water supplies, this technique fills the drum 50% faster

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