Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machine

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It is challenging to select the front load vs top load washing machine. In this article, we will make it easier for you to choose the best.

Although top load washers are historically widespread in the US, available front load washers date back to the mid-2000s and have been gaining popularity since.

To improve washing machine technology and streamline companies’ production front-load machine prices have come close to top load.

Nowadays, more customers get many benefits from front load washers which are worth the extra investment. And every year their price difference is steadily decreasing.

We will provide you with a quick description of each type of washer, and help you decide whether front load or top load washer and dryer are best for you. We will approach topics like upfront price, reliability, life expectancy, capacity, noise level, power usage, and many more.

Front load vs Top load washing machine

Advantages of Top Load Washing Machine

Not expensive

The biggest advantage of top-loading machines is their low price. Our most popular top load washer, the LG T7581NDDLG is currently on sale for Rs. 18999.

top load washing machine

They are the preferred choice for rental apartments because the top-load machine is cheap, Short-term living conditions and commercial use when the starting price is the most important.

Human Friendly

Front-load units are almost always vertical, with a dryer at the top and a washer at the bottom.

If you have back pain, washing clothes from the bottom can cause physical pain. Top load machines allow you to wash clothes at waist height on loading, which protects you from joint stress.

This problem can be solved by installing machines on 15″ machine pedestals with front loaders and lifting them to a more comfortable height.

Why is a front load washer better?

If you want to buy a washing machine for your house and your budget is equal to the front load price, It is likely that saving energy and water bills in the long run and the availability of additional features and cycles will give you higher initial costs that are worth the investment.

Advantages of Front Load Washing Machine

Clean clothes better and less damage

Front-load machines are more efficient at cleaning clothes than their top-loading, reason: Low central agitator present in top load washer, the rotates in a quick and stop pattern during the wash cycle which is a large central post with central agitator wide rubber wings. While agitators can hold stray threads and rip clothes. In front load units, gravy aided tumble wash clothes are more gentle

Less Wash Cycle

The front loader has a larger loading capacity that allows you to fit more clothes into the compartment, which means you may have to do the laundry less often.

Water and Energy Efficient

Front-load machines built for efficiency. They can use up to a third of water, energy, and detergents compared to top loaders. So the initial investment will be higher, but the efficiency of this washer will save energy, water every month.

How much will you save? For example, the average top-load washer uses 105–120 litres of water per wash. Front-load washers use half or less.

front load washing machine

In our opinion, energy efficiency is the biggest difference between front load and top load washers. Those savings will often come in handy for themselves. That is why we recommend everyone invest in front load machine units if they have a sufficient budget.


Front-loaders partially require less repair on critical parts, because, instead of using the central agitator depicted in top-load machines, they use gravity toss clothing in top-load washers. the agitator is hard on the hardware of the machine. the top load washer can also cause more parts to break due to too many parts.

Noise level

Very less. You can keep washing your clothes before going to bed without any worries, and it won’t wake you up. There is vibration control.

The full range of front-load washers has a way of stabilizing the inner drum so that the entire unit does not rattle your floor during operation. These machines specially built on the second floor of your home, and in other sub-optimal locations that can make your washing machines thicker.

Many front load machines come with new technologies such as a self-cleaning cycle, steam setting, reversible washer gate for a fully customizable laundry room. these luxury features are not displayed until your price range exceeds the top load units, you will only see the latest features in front load units

Disadvantages of Front Load Washing Machine

If you are concerned about electricity bills, low noise, and savings on other features, We recommend front load washers. However, it has some drawbacks.


Front-loaders cost more, with a comparable feature set for washers and dryers. They save more money in the long run.

Wash cycle

Front-loading can perform clothing cycles more often, depending on the cycle you choose. Because as a barrel, the clothes collide with the water part of the time, due to this process, your clothes are cleaner and less torn

The door needs to be closed to retain water, meaning that you cannot add it to the load after starting. Its most important point is that the top loader can do what the front loader still cannot. That said, I don’t necessarily call it a “feature,” because it doesn’t make any extra effort to load the unit before the start button hits. It is like a convenient failure against amnesia, but it rarely makes or breaks one’s purchase decision.

Which is the best front load or top load washing machine?

although there are exceptions to both types, here is our basic information about every kind of washing machine.

Front Load Washing Machine

  • Too expensive
  • More luxury technology
  • Soft on clothes
  • Better cleaning
  • Low noise in use
  • Water and energy saver

Top Load Washers

  • Fewer features
  • Less expensive
  • Hard on clothes
  • High long term cost of ownership

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